Ceilings are Overrated

Our bathroom demolition continues. Here is what the ceiling looks like now.




The porcelain throne is still in use. But our accommodations are not guest worthy.


We took another trip to hunt for floor tiles. Last year I had found a porcelain tile that I really liked at Tile Showcase only to find that it was discontinued. So we picked up a honed travertine and a polished porcelain tile over the weekend. Here it is hanging out with our $1.99 tile from Lowes. The most noticeable difference between the higher end tile store tiles are that they are thicker. The Lowes tile is about half the thickness. Is it more likely to break? I don’t know for sure. But I am guessing it would be more prone to damage.

The honed travertine looked a little too orange in our bathroom when placed next to our Kraft Maid canvas door sample. And the polished porcelain was very shiny.


It looks great while nice and clean but the jury is out on how this would look after a week’s worth of showers.


The bottom line is that we still have not found our tile of choice. But, the project moves forward. We have plans to order the shower stall and vanity next weekend. Exciting!

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