Bathroom Update – Decisions, Decisions

Our weekend kind of went like this: Home Depot, Lowe’s, Home Depot.  We made some purchases and hit some decision paralysis.

We were up early on Saturday morning to start off our weekend with some cabinet purchasing at the Home Depot. I made sure to dress up for the occasion which was a smart ideas since Home Depot decided to dump sand and salt in their parking lot instead of plow after an overnight snowfall. And I needed an excuse to show off my new boots. I didn’t purposely coordinate the sweater – it just  happened.


Back to the cabinets. We ordered a new Kraft Maid vanity and a two cabinets to stack which will replace the closet. We decided on their canvas paint color since it is a nice slightly off-white.  We don’t want to be blinded by true white first thing in the morning.


We usually shop at Lowe’s but for these cabinets we did some shopping after having a far from ideal encounter with the Lowe’s cabinet consultant.  For anyone that is curious on how the pricing compares, Home Depot is $2 more per cabinet compared to Lowe’s. Our decision cost us $6 more but saved us hours of dealing with the other cranky consultant.


We also poked around and bought some recessed lighting fixtures.


And a new ultra-quiet ceiling fan.  I hate how the existing fan resonates throughout the whole house.


We also looked at decorative lighting for over the vanity but didn’t find anything worthwhile.


We looked at faucets.  Chrome? Brushed nickel?  And then went home and researched faucets.  I was convinced that polished nickel was our choice until I couldn’t find one for under $350 and all of those were online only. I wanted something a little more funky like this faucet.


But Howard wanted something more traditional and when we found this stainless steel Delta faucet we caved.


I also found the special order tile section of Home Depot. Here they have much nicer, thicker, floor tiles available for special order. And they have a huge selection of porcelain tiles. But, none of them were to our liking.


We glanced at toilets. The Home Depot recommended toilet is in the middle of this photo. It is an American Standard with an elongated bowl. I don’t know if we can fit an elongated bowl toilet. We have to measure. And as I learned with our upstairs toilet purchase, measure the height of the seat. The upstairs toilet is really low to the ground which works well for me at 5 feet barely 1 inch but was a bit awkward at first.


We really need to figure out the shower and the tiles next. We had picked out a shower but then was wisely advised to make sure it will fit in the door. It won’t. No prefab single unit shower will make it into our bathroom. We started looking at solid surface showers with panels but can’t find we like that have decent reviews. We have also debated tiling the shower but I’m not too excited about having another tiled shower to clean plus the shower pans that they install file on run about $700 each.

Decisions, decisions…

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