Oh the Porcelain Drama

This weekend we were back at our local tile store shopping for the perfect porcelain tile for the bathroom. We decided on this glazed beauty. It was nice and thick and had the new modern rectangular shape without being as large as the currently popular 12 x 24 tiles.



When we returned the sample we asked if it was actually meant for floor applications due to its size. And the response was “No.” It figures, right? It is a wall tile! So we left with the same color tile in a standard, less glossy, 12 x 12 tile.  It is the purplish tile on the bottom row in the photograph. What a difference between the wall and floor tile.

And we also picked up the 12 x 24  tile we had picked out ages ago here.  They gave us an extra 12 x 24 just to get an idea of how the tile would look in the room. They also said our contractor could cut the tile in half.  At $20 a tile it sounds like too much of a breakage risk.  Leaving with a defeated feeling, we decided to stop at another cute tile store in town for a few more samples. This was the best thing we’ve done in months. After picking up even more samples, we easily narrowed our choices down to three.


And then one. The middle tile looks like a travertine tile and was our winner based on its ability to not look pinkish in our bathroom. We love the look of travertine but don’t want the maintenance that comes with stone so we have long decided that porcelain tile was our choice.  This tile is thinner, meaning cheaper as the sales person noted, than the other tiles. It is made in England which sounds better than the cheaper Home Depot and Lowe’s tiles which are made in China. But either way, thinner usually means it is more likely to break.


I never thought breaking tiles would be a real concern until we did just that. Howard dropped a hammer on one of the tiles.  It figures that it is a tile from the store we decided not to purchase tiles from!  Oops.


Just when I thought we were done, we returned the samples to the store and returned with one more tile to try. It was one we didn’t notice over the weekend. And I think we have a winner! Only, I am thinking of holding the suspense until the bath is tiled. Really, we are only a couple of weeks away.



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