Lighting Things Up

The bathroom lighting made little sense before. We had two recessed lights over the bathroom vanity and a fan over the shower with a light. There appeared to be patches were a wall fixture had been removed.


And we had the light inside the closet.

DSC_0157We decided that these odd lights had to go.


Howard rewired the bathroom so we now have two recessed lights more centered and a light over the vanity. The new lights are so much brighter and make more sense for a bathroom. He also replaced the ceiling light/fan with a much quieter model. So quiet we don’t notice when it’s left on anymore.  But I am not complaining. The old fan was like listening to nails on a chalkboard.


And the bulb over the mirror will turn into a three light fixture.


Just to add to our bad luck at Lowe’s lately, the light fixture we ordered came in without the mounting hardware so we had to reorder the fixture. This is a photo of what the light will look like. That assumes our next order comes with all the parts.

deltaAnd if you happened to have a keen eye, you probably noticed that the gold shower door is gone. We are debating keeping the existing shower stall since it was previously in good shape until I tried to use car wax on it to keep it all clean and shiny. I never told you about that because it was a complete failure that turned the walls green. Mr. Clean magic erasers seem to be helping. You can see the top of the shower is less green than the bottom.  My fault entirely.


Have you ever turned your shower green? I know, doubtful.

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