Weathering the Storm

Last weekend we lost power for four very long days and nights. Each day got a little easier as we got into a rhythm but we were longing for hot showers.  The first priority was keeping the house and ourselves from freezing.  We are very lucky that we have two fireplaces on each end of the house. The wood stove insert is probably the second best thing we’ve done to the house (the first best thing was taking down all the trees here that probably would have crushed the house in this storm).


Having a fire in the fireplace at the other end of the house proved to be a little smokey but we quickly brought up the living room by 5 degrees to a toasty manageable 60 degrees before going to bed.


Since the upstairs was too cold, and we needed to keep the wood stove going, we made camp in the family room. 

Who do you think got the couch? Yup, me! Thanks awesome husband who is to manly to admit that sleeping the floor stinks.

After a few days I actually enjoyed my couch and sleeping bag accommodations. The worst thing was waking up every couple of hours to put some wood on the fire. 

I made sure we had coffee each morning by using a camp percolator on the wood stove and then the rest of the day kept it full of water for hot tea. I easily drank about six cups of decaf tea each day.  Howard also dug out a path to the grill which we are lucky has a side burner. We had one very tasty lunch of grilled cheese and hot soup and one not so hot frozen food dinner including veggie burgers, asparagus, and hash browns.  It wasn’t so hot because it cooled down so fast in the cold weather. Still it was food.



The only real downside about cooking at home was that I forgot to run the dishwasher the night before the storm. We had dishes piling up everywhere. It got so bad that Howard went outside and heated up a big pot of water on the grill to wash some dishes by hand. Oh, and I failed to wash all the dishtowels so we had to use a beach towel. Oh well, it got the job done.


Because the weather was so cold we used our porch as a makeshift refrigerator.  At the end of the outage we ended up tossing most of the food but it got us through the weekend.


Just to make things festive we splurged by picking up some whipped cream so we could have some spiked hot chocolate. Then we played scrabbled and skip-bo until our backs ached from sitting on the floor in front of the fire.


And we ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. Good thing we got to the grocery store for one last loaf of bread before the storm!

We will be back at the bathroom renovation this weekend. Just as soon as we clean out the laundry that has piled up in there over the past two weeks.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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