Back At It

After three days lost to snow, we  Howard was back at the bathroom renovations. In his pajamas and crocs.


You could tell that things could only get better from here.


Well, maybe it got a little worse when we had to disconnect the toilet and the sink. It was a slight burden to only have one upstairs bathroom for a few days.


At the start of the weekend we were down to studs.

Our first task was to buy some sheetrock and plywood.  So our weekend began with a truck rental at Home Depot.  Home Depot made the process so easy. I highly recommend their rental trucks. It also helped that a kind citizen offered to help Howard load the truck. It pays to wear a dress and look helpless I learned that day.


We took up one layer of plywood so we can have a new base for laying the tiles next week. Did I mention that we hired someone to do the tiling? Just one less thing to worry about. We pick up tiles this weekend and then get the tiles installed on Monday. Yay.

We also decided to keep the existing shower stall after I discovered that Orange Glo worked great to help take off the green car wax I tried to apply and gave the shower stall back its original shine. So much for getting a slightly larger shower stall as part of the project. It just wasn’t worth it. We will be getting a new door though. Which is another post after researching shower stall doors.

But I digress…. Back to the job at hand. We have a ceiling.



And we have walls.


And we have a bright  new plywood floor. Which looks better than the pink tiles that were there before.


The bathroom vanity that we ordered and new storage cabinets will be in a couple of weeks. It looks like we just need to order the shower door and paint the walls. I am starting to see an end in sight!

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