The Tiles are In

The tiles are in! Well, in the porch. Not installed.


We picked up on the tiles on Saturday and I immediately had buyers remorse. At the warehouse they looked yellowish out in the natural light. But I reminded myself that I always have buyer remorse so I kept my mouth shut.  And they don’t look yellow in the bathroom at all!

Howard spent the weekend working on the walls and ceilings. Don’t you love our choice of grey, green, and yellow with red stripes?



In all seriousness, we had three snow days that killed our production. We had hoped the walls would be done and primed before the tile install happened. But, that won’t be the case. The tiles are being installed this week so by Friday I should have some finished shots of the floor. Hooray!

We spent the weekend debating which way to lay the tile. We had prepared to lay them diagonally and bought the required 20 percent extra (versus the standard 10 percent extra) which is needed because there will be more cuts. So, the choice was now up to us.



We both liked the tiles in a straight pattern at first. It made the room feel modern. And we agreed that perhaps we didn’t like the diagonal tiles as much because that is how the previous pink tiles were installed.



But after a little researching, we concluded that laying the tiles diagonal would help open up the bathroom and make it look larger by drawing the eye from corner-to-corner of the room which is a longer length. In the tile forums (yes, those places exist) it was unanimous that bathroom floors should be laid on the diagonal. We are hopeful that the diagonal tile is a more traditional look. My initial thought when I liked laying them straight was that it looked modern. And modern is never good when you plan on keeping something for the rest of your life! (Yes, I am hopeful we will never renovate this bathroom again.)

We are thrilled to have the tiles now in the hands of a professional. The vanity should be in the this week (not sure?).  And then we will just need to order a counter top once it is installed. It will be a custom counter because it is against the wall on one side.  I’m guessing three more weeks until we have a finished bathroom.  But, I offer no promises.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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