Curtain Call (DIY Curtains)

As I highly suspected, it took me too long to get back to finishing the curtains in the guest room to match the headboard (see it here). After I messed up cutting the last two yards of fabric (here) I felt devastated and let the fabric scraps hang with no strong desire to finish them. There was so little fabric left that I decided to try fabric tape for the first time. This would allow one fold for the edges instead of folding over twice to establish a neat hem. It also saved me from having to change the thread on the sewing machine. Lazy? Partially. It is also my lack of patience that makes me dread pulling out the sewing machine. For this project I just needed some fabric tape, scissors, iron, and ironing board.


The first step was to iron a straight edge using the fabric print as a guide. While the pattern of the fabric helped on the headboard project, it made the curtain project a little more challenging since I didn’t cut the fabric straight to begin with. It took a little more time to get a straight line with the fabric print since I didn’t want to cut off any more.


After I had a nice straight edge, I inserted the fabric tape into the fold and ironed again. The instructions said to turn off the steam on the iron. I remembered to do this but am slightly curious as to what would happen if I didn’t remember.


After I had the two long edges and one straight edge done I brought the curtains upstairs to make sure they were the correct length.  Since I had such little fabric left there was no fixing things if I messed this step up.


The resulting two panels turned out perfectly rectangular and took about an hour.  My first impression was what a nice table runner because of thick fabric. Which gives me an idea for wrapping up another project I’ve had on hold (hint: it is a table runner).


Then I used some window hardware clips to hang the curtains. I couldn’t get a very good photo in the light upstairs but I think you get the idea.


Would I use fabric tape again? Definitely.  I am curious to see how well the tape holds up over time. I am also curious if the fabric tape holds up to a delicate machine washing.

Have you used fabric tape? Would you recommend it?

Psst – sorry about the poor light photos on this post! The basement is not the best place to try to blog from. 

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