The Tile Reveal

It’s a big day here. I can now show off the finished bathroom floor! We chose a durable glossed porcelain tile that was made in Italy. There was no doubt in our minds that porcelain was a far better choice for us over stone which will wear in time. This floor is going to far outlive us.


I am very happy with our choice to have a professional install the floor.  It took him three days from start to finish.


And on the last day it only took him an hour to get the grout down. While we are on the subject of grout, I’ll admit that I lost a little sleep over the grout color earlier in the week. We picked an antique white color but I was fearful it would look too dark. Knowing that the printed colors on paper are never the same as the actual grout, I asked our installer if it would dry darker. He laughed and said that it will look nothing like the color we chose and that it would look almost white. And he was completely right. It makes me wonder why there are so many grout colors available. I am also curious as to why the good grout only comes in 10 pound bags. He used about a quarter of our cup on the whole floor and now we have a lot to put in a landfill somewhere.  Opened grout won’t last and he refused to take it off our hands for another project.


Our installer was a chatty guy who’s been installing floors since the 80’s and he finds the tile trends to be laughable. It was interesting to hear from him what works and what doesn’t work because at the showroom they sing a slightly different tune.

Here is what he shared with me:

(I may/may not share the same opinion – what does it matter?)

  • Bigger is not better. The new 18 x 18 tiles and larger are ridiculously big and after a day of installing these your abs will burn after placing them.
  • The popular 12×24 tiles are near impossible to install completely level since they are beveled in the middle. Designer trends suggest staggering these tiles. The most our installer would recommend offsetting the tiles is by a 1/3 of the tile.  (So glad we didn’t get the 12×24 tiles we first picked out here!)
  • The mosaic tiles are a fad. They were in and then he spent years ripping them out. He is amused that they are back again. 
  • Small tiles do  not make a small bathroom look bigger.  When you see little tiles in a little bathroom you think “oh, what cute little tiles in a cute little bath.”  12×12 tiles fit the space better and make it look bigger.  
  • The grout at Home Depot and Lowe’s is awful stuff. He doesn’t know why anyone would buy it. We are guilty as charged. But, it’s also noteworthy that our hallway grout is starting to fail around the thresholds.


Now that the floor is done, what is next?

  • Sand and prime the walls
  • Sand, prime, and paint the ceiling
  • Paint the trim
  • Install new floor molding
  • Install the new toilet this weekend (it’s sitting on our porch at the moment) 
  • Order a custom shower door
  • Pick up our Kraft Maid vanity and closet this weekend and install it
  • Order cabinet hardware
  • Pick out a counter top and have templates made
  • Figure out the window treatments
  • Decide if we want a new vanity mirror
  • Paint the walls
  • Install towel hardware
  • Install a new radiator cover
  • And probably about 10 more things I can’t think of at the moment

Our list of things to do is still quite long but we should be able to check off a few things after the weekend.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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