It’s all in the details

I know not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for picking out each part of bathroom project. But, I am so excited for the end product that I can’t help myself.  This weekend Howard installed the new radiator cover. It’s so shiny and new.


And the walls and ceiling were sanded and primed.



We also picked up our Kraft Maid cabinet order. This is how the base closet unit will look.


And this is what the new bathroom vanity looks like.


And this is what the tall cabinet unit may or may not look like. They forgot to add the door on the top!


We are on the fence about keeping the unit with the open shelves if they offer us a discount. After all, it makes a nice home for a fish.


We also started looking at quartz counters. We picked out a Silestone counter in Ivory Coast but learned that Silestone has minimums and, as a result, don’t usually deal with bathroom vanities. We might end up looking at granite because the first Silestone quote was over $1,500.


But doesn’t it look so pretty with the new cabinets?


And, to add to the weekend excitement, we installed our new toilet. After reading reviews we decided to get with an elongated bowl and picked a  Toto toilet.  Now the bathroom is at least partially functional.


But our living room needs a little help.


I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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