Cabinets 1 and 2 – Check!

Cabinets 1 and 2 were installed over the weekend. Seems easy, right? Until you remember that holes need to be cut for the plumbing.  Our last vanity had no back whatsoever so it was hard to use that as a template.


Nothing like drilling those first couple of holes and thinking, “there goes the warranty….”

DSC_0479Because the vanity is so heavy, and because it is so cold out, and because I love playing with the shop vac inside the house…. 

….we cut the vanity in the living room.  Yes, we really know how to have fun on a Sunday morning!


The corner base unit was installed without much fuss. We are waiting on a replace cabinet for the upper unit but need the counter to be installed first. Kraft Maid didn’t offer us a deal on the door-less cabinet they sent here.  We have to wait two more weeks for the new cabinet to come in. I’m a little cranky that they didn’t offer us anything for the inconvenience, but what’s two more weeks? It will take that long for the counter to arrive anyways.


The vanity was much harder to install. Despite the obvious cuts that needed to be made for the plumbing and heater, the window sill was in the way. Plan A involved trimming the sill to fit around the new vanity.


But I discouraged Howard from doing this and talked him into Plan B which was to take out the window sill. Now we need to find a new window sill to install. It’s funny how checking one thing off the list only leads to another thing sometimes.  I know everyone that has dabbled in some good ol do-it-yourself around the house can relate.


Here is the vanity successfully installed. Ain’t she pretty?


And the new light fixture was installed too over the weekend.  (Of course the mounting screws were too long but my super awesome husband just trimmed them without a complaint.) Funny, it looks almost like the same fixture in our upstairs bathroom.


We also finalized our counter choice over the weekend. More on that later this week. The end is finally in sight.


How was your weekend? Did you do any home improvements?

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