Cambria Quartz

Picking out the counter top for the bathroom was nothing short of exhausting. Looking back, our decision making wasn’t near as bad as the floor tile decision but it still took a few weekends to figure it out. We knew we wanted a quartz counter for its durability and particle regularity. At first we gravitated towards Silestone because it is everywhere and the samples were easily obtainable.


But, then we learned that they have minimums and primarily supply kitchen counters. And we noticed that our choice of Ivory Coast varied everywhere we went.  By a lot. We also considered granite because everyone said it would be cheaper for a bathroom than quartz since remnants are easier to find.  There were two problems with granite. The first was that we didn’t see any in the showrooms that we liked in particular.  We were looking for a counter with a very regular and uniform color. The second problem was that there are no granite supply stores open on the weekend near us and this project is mainly a weekend project.

So, this past weekend, we decided to stop at a local kitchen and bath showroom that I’ve noticed on the way to Home Depot. I like local guys. This showroom had a lot of quartz and they had a sizable amount of Cambria on display. Cambria was one of the samples I had originally picked out here.  We had dismissed it because it was an unfamiliar name to us.  But, after learning more about their quartz counters, made here in the United States, we decided that this was the product for us and hurried home with a few more samples.


There was a unique tan color with blue accents that I really liked but it was a little dark. It looked like a less safe choice for us which was exciting. But my fear of hating it in a few years kicked in.


We decided to go with the Cambria Coswell Cream color which reminds me of a sandbar at the beach. The two samples we had were pretty close and didn’t vary as much as the Silestone samples which is reassuring.


I am happy to announce that our order for the custom vanity tops has been placed.  It was a hard decision and just when we thought we were done having picked the material we had to decide on the thickness, the edge finish, how high the back splash should be, and how much overhang we should have. So, what did we pick?

  • Cambria Quartz
  • Color: Coswell Cream
  • Thickness: 1 1/4 inches (vs. 3/4 inch)
  • Edge: double pencil edge
  • Backsplash: 4 inches
  • Overhang: 1 1/4 inches

Being the hoarder that I am, I couldn’t give up the pretty Silestone samples so easily.


I added a few rubber feet to the bottom of them.

And now we have two more pretty coasters.  Just what we didn’t need! DSC_0476

The counters will take a few weeks and then we should be one giant step closer to having the bathroom finished!

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