Seeing Spots

We thought we had the paint color right the first time. Nah, that would be too easy.  The tan we picked was making the canvas cabinets look a little too yellow.  When I look at this photo everything looks ridiculously monochrome.


With no shortage of paint color choices, we are again stuck in decision paralysis.  Howard has noted that we are too close to our work and striving for perfection.  What’s wrong with that?


We have tested out shades of tan, more tan, off-white, green, and blue.  We only looked at blue because it was in the basement. I don’t even remember what we had bought Olympic’s April Showers for. I read that blue tones help off-white cabinets look less yellow. But, we are not going with blue. And we have decided that we want Benjamin Moore paint so that at least narrows down the samples to elminate the Olympic and Behr samples.



What are your thoughts on paint color?

We are still waiting for the counters and shower door to be installed. I am hoping they will be done this week. And now we are also waiting for our third Kraft Maid cabinet for corner.  What happened?

Well, the first one was missing the door (here) and the exposed edge was unfinished or damaged. So, we ordered a second cabinet and then waited a few more weeks. We boxed up the original cabinet, hauled it back to Home Depot, and returned home with a replacement cabinet.  When we opened up the box, Howard realized it was not all plywood construction which we paid for. We don’t want mdf in the bathroom. I am glad he noticed before we cut open the box. We were convinced it would be right this time.


Kraft Maid has not offered any discount for the inconvenience to date. And we would have kept the first one for a different open shelving look but they refused to reduce the price. We are hoping they will help make it right with the third replacement cabinet.  The first time we bought Kraft Maid (for our kitchen) we were thrilled with the quality and service. This time our experience has not been as good.

How was your weekend? Did you tackle any fun home improvement projects?

2 thoughts on “Seeing Spots

  1. Chelsea @ Riding Escalators says:

    Paint color is so HARD! When we bought our house a few years ago we were so excited to play with colors – but this weekend I was redoing our dining room because we went a tad overboard with the bold colors the first time around. Time to tame it down a bit! lol


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