Hardware Time

Picking out the hardware for the bathroom turned out to be one of our easier decisions. After we got past the all knobs? all pulls? or knobs and pulls? decision.   Knobs and pulls won.


Installing the hardware was easy using a template. But it’s always better to measure twice.


Even if it’s a little awkward in the middle of the living room.


At first we ordered from Merillat hardware because we’ve ordered from them before. When our order shipped for $2.50 and the box shipping label said $18 we knew these folks were not trying to rip us off.

I originally chose a satin aluminum finish because, I’ll bashfully admit, the pull was called “Boat Cleat.”  I’m a sucker for anything nautical.


But, satin aluminum is a really bright silver and the pulls were too long.  So that hardware will be going back.

So we shopped around Lowe’s and Home Depot deciding that we didn’t need to spend a lot on hardware as long as it was good quality.  You can easily spend thousands on hardware alone if you have the desire. Or the money.



We also decided on a faucet. We didn’t get that right the first time either (see the first one here). It should arrive this week. But, we need the new counters installed before we’ll show off the new faucet fixture.

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