Faraway, So Close!

We are about approximately one weekend (maybe two) away from bathroom completion!  We finally chose a paint color and trim color after much back and forth.


The winner was Benjamin Moore’s “Maritime White.” And the trim is “Cotton Balls.”  Is anyone surprised by our nautical choice in paint colors?


The shower door was installed and is looking much more modern and taller.


Do you remember my old photo in front of the brass shower door? It’s from last April. A whole year ago!


The new door is a huge improvement – although the door looks a little brassy in the photo. I assure you it’s brushed nickel.  And the ceiling fan is awesome in its quietness.


We are thrilled that our third Kraft Maid vanity cabinet finally arrived.


And this time the order is correct.  We are now rethinking our rave reviews of Kraft Maid. What a debacle. Anyways, the new cabinet is ready to be installed.


Just as soon as the counters arrive.


We don’t always keep saw horses in the living room. The counters are coming today. Hooray!

We are excited to be (almost) wrapping up this project. We still need to install some hardware for towels, swap out the bathmat, and fix the window trim. And I have an idea to make a frame for the mirror just to prolong the project ending for another year.


Oh, and did anyone get the reference to a U2 song in the title post? I know at least one of my devoted followers did!

What projects have you been tackling? And which projects just don’t seem to end?

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