The Curse of the Threes

With every chapter of the bathroom project, we have some good news, and some not-so-good news. In light of everything that has happened in Boston this week, our problems are nothing.  Our hearts go out to everyone impacted in this tragedy. We are hoping Boston can regain some normalcy soon.

Now for the good news. The third KraftMaid cabinet was acceptable and we were able to install it without any problems last weekend. We’ve been playing with ideas on how to cap the top of it at the ceiling. More on that another day.


The “toilet nook” is much wider than it used to be even though we didn’t relocate the toilet.


This old photo reminds me just how odd the previous “nook” was because of the closet that was there before. You can see more of the old bathroom here.


We installed our second Delta faucet which we absolutely adored at first.


And then we realized that the back splash wouldn’t fit behind the faucet fixture.


We went through the blame game that the Cambria sink must be wrong. How could such little space be left for the back splash? Didn’t they know we needed a faucet?


Then we decided it was easier to buy another faucet.  A third Delta faucet.  What the heck, we had ordered three tall cabinets already.

I’ll admit I don’t love it. But it works and it fits and we are ready for this project to be over.  And now that I see the photos, it is growing on me. My major complaint is the little screw holes that are visible on the side of the faucet handles. You probably wouldn’t have even noticed if I didn’t point it out, right? I know we all agree that I am getting way to picky.


And even though we got a new sink faucet, the back splash still had to go back this morning. It was cut with the bottom edge thicker than the rest of the back splash.  This meant that there would be a big gap between the wall and the back splash at the finished top part.  Something isn’t right. I suspect they meant for the thicker part to be at the top so it would rest flush against the wall and the slimmer part would allow for epoxy.


Let’s hope Cambria can trim off the extra thickness and get us our back splash back asap!  I am hoping the curse of the three’s doesn’t get us again!

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