I wish I could say that the title “Finally!” refers to the bathroom project but we have a few things that need to be wrapped up first.  Like getting the back splash replaced (more here).   But, we’ll get there eventually.

Finally! refers to replacing the upstairs bathroom ceiling fan which has been on my to-do list since we moved in. The fan worked fine but it was venting into the attic space and that meant that during the summer the venting was underwhelming and probably not ideal if we wanted to avoid growing mold. The fan isn’t something I could have done myself. It was a project that Howard took on after I insisted I wanted a new ceiling fan for my Birthday. And of course, he still spoiled me with presents so really I owe him for this.  It was a messy project in every upstairs room.



The most challenging part of this project, and the reason we put it off so long, is that there is barely any attic space.


The house had central air conditioning installed and the ducts leave room for barely a belly crawl in the space. And the space above the bathroom fan isn’t even deep enough to put your head.


The project was so frustrating that I was told to put the camera down. So the during was not captured but the end result sure was!


And here is what the outside now looks like with a properly installed vent. Howard cut a hole in the side of the house instead of going through the roof. As we say in Boston, real smaht.


On another note, Howard also tried to install a ceiling light in the bedroom since he’d be up in the attic.  But there was no way he could get over the bedroom. We’ll have to cut a hole in the bedroom wall another day to finish that project.


And the new lamps? Thanks for noticing! They were another Birthday present to myself from Pottery Barn. I’ve been hunting for some “grown-up” lamps for a long time. I thought they would be more of a pale sea green but they match the rug. Yes, I’m a very lucky girl.

I  suppose it’s time for some updated house photos without a drop-cloth on the bed.  Maybe next weekend. Have a great week everyone!

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