Grout Filler

I am not sure why I haven’t posted in a month.  Over a month. A month and two days to be exact.

We have had a lot going on with work and some personal business. I put down the camera a few weeks ago and actually enjoyed our time apart. Everyone needs some space sometimes. We haven’t stopped working on the house so there is a lot you missed. And a lot you didn’t miss.  Like the big bathroom reveal. It’s one little curtain project away and then I’ll share the final photos.

While I was busy avoiding the last curtain project for the downstairs bathroom I took on another grout project in the upstairs bathroom over the weekend. This project had been on my calendar for months.  Last year I re-caulked the bathroom here but the grout was starting to fall out in spots.


And after I put a knife to each grout line it was falling out all over the place. It was almost as if some spots in the grout were thin-walled like whoever grouted it before rushed the job and didn’t push the grout between the tiles.


Friday night I was starting to wonder why I had gotten myself into this mess. The shower wasn’t really that bad until I scrapped out most of the grout and caulk.


I decided to apply new grout using the same grout tube I had used from ACE hardware before. The spots I had patched a year ago were holding up. And this eliminated the good chance that I would mess up the grout mixture and it would all fall out again in another year.


Each line was filled by hand and the result looks pretty good if I must say so myself. (I’m inserting a pat on my back here.)


The last step was to caulk the tub which was done after a day and a half of grout drying time. I used painters tape for a perfectly straight line.


The final result isn’t as perfect as I had hoped. In my mind I pictured a “looks brand new!” shower. Which it doesn’t look like. But it’s better than before.


And I’m hoping the next time we touch this shower and tub will be to replace it with a deeper tub that soaks more than just my backside.

What has everyone been up to? Any fun projects?

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