Friday Garden Update

It’s going to be an unbelievably hot day in Boston for the last day of May today. Temperatures should be around 90 degrees. Which is miserable for those of us who have to go anywhere outside. But, it’s great for the garden! We have lots of plants sprouting. And a ton of weeds, but we need to wait until we can distinguish what is a plant and what is a weed before we start pulling them.


This weekend we have big plants to spread mulch. I hate hot stinky mulch especially in 90 degree heat. But I do love that exhausted feeling after working all day in the yard.  I promise that we will have brown feet and beers in hand by the end of this weekend!


We haven’t filled our deck planters yet.  With the warmer temperatures looking here to stay it is probably time.  We did plant one flower in our window box next to the rosemary which survived the winter. I had no idea rosemary was such a fighting plant. It smells wonderful each time we walk by.


On another note, Buster Bunny returned for a visit this morning.  (Yes, he is named after Buster in Arrested Development.) He was dangerously close to our budding strawberries but seemed content eating the flowers.  I tried to chase him away but he resisted. So I ran back in the house thinking that the sight of my camera would scare him away. Don’t most animals run why you try to take a picture?  No luck.


I definitely have a love-hate relationship with this rabbit. He is super cute. But if he eats all the strawberries…

What are you doing in this heat? I hope everyone has a good weekend!

One thought on “Friday Garden Update

  1. Heather says:

    We planted strawberries this year too! I’ll let you know how it goes. We’ve lost our cucumbers already. 😦 But our peppers, 3 different kinds of squash, tomatoes, eggplant and broccoli all seem to be doing well!


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