Friday Garden Update

There is one word for today: Rain.  And I am so happy about it!  My car, our house, and my lungs have been coated in pollen for the past week.  I am breathing better already.  The garden was quite dry last weekend so I’m sure our new seeds will be happy to have some rain too.


We did not plant the planters this weekend and they continue to be home to our poinsettias that lasted the winter! These flowers looked amazing until we moved them outside. I’m not sorry about it though.  The plants were getting too big and starting to make a mess inside. I read that they love being outside; but, I guess that is not true at our house. Their vivid color has been drained.


We are trying hard not to buy new plants.  Over the past three years we have spent hundreds on plants for our yard and it’s time to cut back.  Although, we couldn’t resist three more discounted salvia plants.  This totals four salvias for this year alone.  So much for cutting back.  These sad looking plants were begging for a home at $3 each.


While they look a little sad, we were reminded how well our first salvia from a couple years ago has grown.  This plant looked just as bad when we brought him home.  Salvia loves full sun and doesn’t mind drier conditions making it a perfect low maintenance plant that flowers in the spring, summer, and fall.


The most amazing discovery this year has been how our columbine flower have blossomed.  These were grown from seed last year and have displayed three very different types of flowers in four different colors.


The white  flowers are by far the most unusual flowers I have seen.


I tried so hard to get a shot of each flower but the wind was gusty last weekend and I failed miserably.


We also found a red maple sapling in the wooded area of our lot that had grown about two feet tall.


Howard carefully moved him to the back of the house where the tree would have a better chance at survival in the full sun.


This tree will hopefully fill the void that was left when the kissing tree was cut down here.


The rain is supposed to be heavy until Sunday. And then I think I will spend some time lounging here.


After all, we have endured several weekends of hard work recover from the winter.  It’s time to relax!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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