Goodbye Sunshine

Last weekend was a rainy weekend on the Cape which made it perfect for painting – well, not actually but we were motivated to get rid of the sunshiny yellow in the living room!


We decided to take the color from the hallway into the living room and bought two gallons of Benjamin Moore’s Cedar Key.  The drop-cloths made their way with us from home for this project. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love our painters drop-cloths. They are washable and heavy duty and are so much better than the plastic sheets that blow around and end up in a landfill.


My headless husband bravely tackled the high points in the room.


And he turned our beach towels into make-shift curtains….


Don’t they really tie the room together? But seriously, they did a great job at keeping paint splatters off the wood trim which we have decided not to paint (for now…).


My job was to cut in the paint around all the trim.

See Dad! Despite what you think, I really do paint!


And I can paint and take photos at the same time! Amazing…



It took coats over two days (because of the humidity) to get the room painted.


And then I wondered if we had just sucked all the cheer out of the room.  I may have mumbled something about painting a light grey-blue before Howard shut me up.


Howard also swapped out the yellow painted outlets to new white receptacles.


Only the yellow painted switch plate had to be custom ordered so it’s still yellow for the moment. 20130630_160207

Despite my indecision on the paint color, we both agree it is better than the yellow we started with.


And we agree that, for now, that concludes our painting efforts in this house. At least for this summer.

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