The Mini Patio

Last year we had embarked on a project that would change the back of the house (here).  It all started when the rain barrel overflowed during a storm and water started to seep into the basement.  That incident resulted in Howard digging up the backyard to drain water away from the house.


At the time we had decided to get rid of the gravel patch, which only seemed to grow weeds, and let the lawn fill in (here).  Our plan was to originally landscape up to the rain barrel when we got our next delivery of mulch.


A year later, the grass had grown in but we had not finished the plan.  The remnants of gravel remained.  And the weeds started to fill back in. We were planning to finish mulching the back of the house but then I decided that I would never use the garden hose again if I had to get my hands dirty. So we picked up a  bunch of square concrete outdoor floor tiles at Lowe’s to make a patio for the garden house.



The project involved laying down some weed barrier and then leveling the tiles so they would be flat but slightly sloped away from the house.


Then we filled in the rest of the area with mulch as planned.



The new patio created a nice level landing for filling up the bucket with water from the rain barrel.


We still need to add some shade plants to fill in the bare spots but the weather has been too hot to plant.


But, overall the back yard is looking much neater without a big sea of gravel and weeds. Don’t you agree?

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