I See You

On the day our home inspection, I noticed that if you stood in the right place you could see right into the outdoor shower. Our enthusiastic real estate agent ensured me that “no one is looking.”  And I know that’s true.  Plus the person spying would have to stand right in the middle of our driveway anyways.


Or, you could stand at the kitchen sink!  Now that was a deal breaker as the view was just too close for comfort.  Each time I showered I felt like eyes were coming at me from all angles. But then again, I was the kid who showered outside thinking that planes overhead could see me too.  Was I crazy or just had a vivid imagination? You can decide.


Regardless, our need to wash dishes by hand means that someone is typically at the sink. And I can’t imagine encouraging guests to shower outside when I wasn’t 100 percent comfortable doing it myself.  We needed to fill in the gaps between the boards on the outside of the shower.  We could have filled in the gaps inside the shower which were equal but the inside  is more subject to rot so we thought we’d add the extra strips to the outside.


Howard cut all the pieces at home and we brought them down last week for installation. How’s this blocking the view?


You can still peek in at the faucet but we’ll fix that too with some additional lumber. I appreciate that the shower was built off the house so water doesn’t sit against the shingles but the gap is a little too much.

I had big plans to score some free oars to make into a towel rack on the side of the shower since we don’t have anywhere to hang the towels after the beach. But, I think regular oars will be too long. And there is no such thing as free oars on the Cape.  So we are rethinking the towel rack idea.

It’s funny how we can always find some project to keep us busy.

2 thoughts on “I See You

  1. Heather says:

    You guys totally just crushed my chances to peek in when I visit! Shame on you!! lol

    Have you tried Freecycle.org for the oars? Or post a “want” on Facebook. You never know who has some sitting around, collecting dust. I’ll be on the lookout this summer at yardsales for you!


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