Friday Garden Update

It’s Friday. Again. How is summer flying by so fast? And how has the garden only brought us an abundance of peas?



And chard? The rainbow chard is still our gardening winner.  Only it’s a pain to wash and clean it so we don’t eat as much of it as we should.


Thanks to Buster (seen here) and her little bunny babies, the strawberries have been picked clean. And by clean, I mean leaves and all!  Howard put down some organic deer and rabbit repellent and they have since disappeared. Or it could have been the fisher cat that we saw in the yard this week.  I wish I could have caught a photo of that cat. It was hiding behind one of the wood piles and then ran away when he saw us.


Our hydrangeas were late to bloom as always. But the two smaller plants that were moved from the planters on the porch are doing much better this year. I think all the rain in the spring helped them. Last year they didn’t bloom at all.



And speaking of no blooms, that would apply to our oak leaf hydrangeas.  I learned the hard way that cutting off last years past flowers in the spring is a no-no for the oak leaf hydrangea. I trimmed them back when I trimmed the other hydrangeas but apparently they make new flowers off the old flowers. Who knew? The plants are doing well so maybe we’ll have blossoms next year.


The bees have been a-buzz over the bee balm as always. This plant has such colorful flowers and the bees go crazy for it.


How’s your garden growing this year? Happy Friday everyone!

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