Cape Time

When I go to my parents Cape house I always find myself on “Cape time.” It’s a relaxed feeling that I encounter at the end of the day when I’m in denial that it’s time to pack up and head home.  The same thing happens at our new home. Going home means that the weekend is over and it’s time to get ready for the work week.


We’ve been taking morning or evening strolls on the beach to competitively search for sea glass. Sharp pieces count but they must be tossed back in the water. Blue pieces are worth three points.  Sea glass found under two inches of water is worth two points. Red glass is worth three points. We usually forget the score.


And we are taking the home improvements slowly. We have bought some new furniture and searched for old pieces too. I like a mix of the old and new. Then nothing looks too fussy and my wallet doesn’t hurt as much. Like this drop-leaf table the neighbors gave us. They were going to bring it to the swap shop.  We could refinish it. Or we could keep it as is until we figure out what we want to do with the room. I think with some accent pieces it will look pretty cute.


We bought a new couch and love seat but the table is an old Lane coffee table from craigslist. It must weigh 100 pounds and is solid wood that we were happy to find used. Real wood furniture is a must.


And the twin bed frames were also found used by way of a real estate agent that cleans out houses on the market.


We did splurge on a new washer and dryer to fit in the tiniest wash closet ever made. This will make our lives easier as hauling laundry around was getting old in just four weeks.


So, what is on the list of projects?

  • Install a pull-out trash bin under the sink to free up the other cabinet currently being used for trash.
  • Hang the living room curtains higher so the wood work doesn’t show. Then hem the curtains.
  • Paint the living room trim white.
  • Finish hanging window treatments in the bedrooms and baths.
  • Build a window seat in the kitchen dining area to conserve space and add storage.
  • Move the fridge and install a dishwasher.
  • Add a fence and landscaping for privacy.
  • Build or find a media console for the living room.
  • Find or buy nightstands for the bedrooms.
  • Fix the outdoor sensor lights that are set off by the trees.
  • Mount storage cabinet to wall in master bathroom.

There are lots of projects on the list but we are lucky that none of these are a priority. For now we are trying to enjoy the summer and relax.

Sorry about the photo quality – I’ve been leaving the DSLR at home since we have had a car full of stuff every trip! 

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