Friday Garden Update

Fall is coming.  It was cold out this morning and I found myself wishing I had worn tights. At least until I warmed up.


We pretty much let things be this summer.  We just didn’t have time to nurture ever single plant. And you know what? They are doing just fine.



Okay, perhaps our garden is not as robust as in years past, but we still have plenty of chard and cucumbers.


We also have carrots, beets, and peppers are on the way. Although, I’m betting those peppers don’t produce much if it stays in the 50’s at night.  With pumpkins and gourds on the way it’s hard to really care about the summer crops anyways.




And the hops. Who can forget the hops that have taken over our wood pile? If only we brewed beer…


I did take the time to go all anal on our hedges a couple of weeks ago and am so glad I did.  Nothing like coming home to some tidiness.


Especially now that we had the lawn aerated and seeded and it looks like there was a big party of geese here this week.


At least the yard still has some signs of color for the meantime.



How did your garden do this summer?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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