Curb Appeal

When we bought our Cape house there was little curb appeal.  It didn’t look bad.  Instead it always looked incomplete to me. The house has  a great front lawn, a little mahogany deck, and a blue stone patio.  But it didn’t look finished.


Initially I had big plans to put a pergola over the patio area to add to the architecture.

pergolaBut then I decided that a stone wall would be better because it would function as additional seating by allowing guests to sit along the wall when we entertain outside.


But after estimating a stone wall at a few thousand, the idea of a fence for a few hundred looked more appealing.  fence

Although a little white picket fence didn’t seem to match the house.  And there is already a post and rail fence dividing our yard from the neighbors.  So a post and rail fence seemed like a better solution.


We started with one section of fence for the front of the house and flipped it upside down just to see how it would look.


Howard dug the holes in the noon sun but lucky our soil is very sandy on this part of the Cape so the digging went pretty quickly.


After the installation was complete we added some landscaping that will spread out but not too tall in the new few years.  At first I picked out a grass that would grow to six or seven feet tall but luckily asked an employee who pointed us in the right direction.


DSC_0113We then added a second fence to the driveway side of the patio to square it off.  We left an opening on both sides to get to the grill and front door easily.


With the fence, the patio feels like more of a finished space. And while still open it feels a little more private for lounging about.


I still have dreams of a pergola.  I’m just not sure where it will go!

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