Friday Garden Update

The fall is all about lawn care.  Or so it seems at our house this fall.  Since I cried over the big tree we cut down here, and went organic, the lawn has suffered.  A couple of weeks ago we had the lawn aerated and seeded here.  But then it didn’t rain. So, last weekend Howard put on his dethatching hat and went to work with his new dethatching rake. And then he seeded some more.



I tried dethaching but only lasted two rows before I was getting tired and Howard deemed me not-good-enough-to-dethatch.  I did help by raking some of the debris into piles and I spent a couple of hours cutting up limbs from last winter and burning them in the fire pit.

I also spent quality time moping around with a camera in hand. And I weeded the garden. Are those weeds or beets below? I’m not sure. They were a failure and hardly worth the time to cook up this year.

Note: objects on the computer may appear larger than they really are.


So here is a glimpse what is happening this week at the main house.




DSC_0297We have about six really nice looking pumpkins this year.  I think we are just a week away from cutting these little guys and having a pumpkin party on the front steps!

Happy Friday everyone!

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