Friday Garden Update

Well I totally flaked on getting the Friday Garden Update up in time for Friday!


It’s business as usual at our houses with just some more dethatching going on. This time at our Cape house.


Howard has been using the debris to fill in our sandy driveway that has been eroding over the years.


After an almost failed flower garden due to lack of rain, our mini garden bounced back .  Phew.  This is why we only plant a few new plants at a time.


Please excuse  the weeds. I had an awful cold and had zero energy to take care of that.


We moved the rhododendron from its full-sun location to a new home in the backyard where I’m hoping it will fill out and serve as a visual buffer to our oil tank.  This looks like it was probably pretty easy but trust me, it was  not.  The tree with the root ball is pretty darn heavy!  We rolled it onto a tarp and dragged it to it’s new home. So far it’s much happier .


We planted a full-sun hydrangea in its place. I really wanted to buy lace leaf hydrangea but they do not tolerate full sun so a standard pink variety had to suffice.DSC_0212

Most of our time has been getting both houses ready for the winter.


That includes using Cabot Australian Timber Oil on the mahogany decks at the Cape house.


Doesn’t the deck just reflect the orange-awesomeness of the front door?  We still haven’t picked a new door color yet… (here).

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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