Dining Room Reno

Last Thursday I decided that I needed to paint the dining room. I’ve been itching for a new project. And with three rooms left in our main house to paint, it was time to get at it.

Dining Room Light Chandelier Project

I was never really sure if I liked the painted windows and wainscoting. I didn’t hate it. But it wasn’t a color I would have picked myself.


It did add some old cape charm to the feel of the house. I definitely never liked the window treatments but they worked with the previous owners window hardware.


And then there were the brass outlet covers. Brass is making a comeback. I’m just not there yet.


Howard tackled the caulking.


And he tackled the spackling from many years of different window hardware. DSC_0344

I taped and primed the windows using some leftover Benjamin Moore primer.  I attempted to skip the priming step and tried some of our Benjamin Moore paint with primer from the bathroom project but it would not adhere to the glossy trim finish.  Total bummer. There were a lot of fumes but it wasn’t as bad as some of the other brands we’ve used in the past.


While Howard watched the New England Patriots play Sunday football, I complained on the porch about the window grilles. I still blame my use of a cheap paint brush for making the project take longer than it should.  Lesson learned.


It took exactly one repetition of Dave Matthew’s Under the Table and Dreaming to prime the windows.  Maybe it would have been slightly less time if I hadn’t taken the opportunity to dance to Jimmy Thing.  Later I slowed down and it took the rest of the day to finish the wainscoting, radiator cover, and door trim with a few meal breaks.  And to clean out the frosting flower that someone kid hid inside the radiator. It was perfectly preserved and wins the gross award for the week.  I wonder if they were hiding it for later?


We bought two Olympic paint samples that you can see on the wall but these fall far from expectations of what the color should be.  I think we will end up going back to Benjamin Moore paint in the end.  We only chose Olympic because those were the paint samples I had on hand Thursday night when I decided I had to paint the dining room.


We might change out the chandelier (again) since it was something we picked to go with the room rather than something we really like.  The ceiling needs to be painted anyways.

I’m hoping to get some of the trim painted this week so we can finish up this project sooner than later. Wish us luck!

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