True Blue, Baby, I Love You

I woke up on Saturday morning with itching to get at least one project on the Cape done. I had planned on a very relaxing weekend, heck, I didn’t even bring my camera and we all know that home projects require proper documentation. The chips from two weeks ago were sitting on the counter staring at me and so I pulled up my last blog post on the front door here.


There was an overwhelming   were a few people who wrote me to say that they strongly preferred the darker blue options over the beachy sea green that I was leaning towards.  So I just tried to match the samples to the color on-screen and ran with it.  No thinking. No second cup of coffee.


The color choice was Benjamin Moore’s Bedford Blue.  It was not in the running the last time I had checked out the color chips.  I could debate all day about shades of blue but then I wouldn’t have gotten anything done.


The color difference was life changing.  The Benjamin Moore exterior paint was by far the best paint I have ever used as it went on smooth and even.  No primer needed. I highly recommend it.


I painted two coats after allowing the first to dry overnight.  The paint was ready for a second coat after four hours but it meant we had to keep front door wide open and it was a little chilly so I chose to paint on day two in the fall sunshine instead.


Life changing.


Since I didn’t bring my camera, it was near impossible to get a shot that actually shows the true blue color.  You’ll just have to come and visit.


And since it was cold I failed to take a shot from the curb but did capture this image while lounging on the couch.


After two coats of paint, I had barely made a dent in the can.  There was still almost a full quart left.  So, I decided to paint the oars too.


Howard declared this his favorite shade of blue.  And I had Madonna’s True Blue stuck in my head all day. A small price to pay for a shiny new coat of paint.

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