Dining Room In Progress

So much for that weekend project I started weeks ago!


Since then, I’ve taken some baby steps to put up some more samples and (almost) finish the trim paint.


The trim has required one coat of primer and three coats of paint. I’ve been using Olympic low VOC paint in Heirloom Lace because it matches the rest of the downstairs trim which made it super easy when it came to painting the doorways. No taping required.  In the future I will pass on Olympic paint and just stick to Benjamin Moore.


The amount of painting it took to get the windows done was ridiculous.  I got really lazy about taping all of the glass each time and learned that cutting in with the paintbrush and then going back over the glass with a paper towel 10 minutes later gave better results.


Our dining room is in a state of pure chaos at the moment.  I still need to paint the window grates, the ceiling, and the wall.


We decided the ceiling fixture that wasn’t installed all that long ago (here) should be replaced too.  It was a tough decision with varying price points and long discussions of ‘it’s the only thing in the room that we have to spend any real money on‘ and ‘we don’t even use the room‘ and ‘who notices the light fixture unless it’s really ugly.’


In the end I ordered a plain fixture from Horchow.  Which upon arrival did not look like the photo online. 


It will be just fine though. Now if only I can stop agonizing over the color of the wall.

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