Ding Dong The Dining Room is Done

The final chapter of painting has come to a close.  Unlike the three-coat trim here, I only used one coat of primer and two coats of paint on the window grilles.


Partially because I don’t love painting in my pj’s in the morning.


And partially because no one will notice.


Despite no one putting their nose to our finished work, we did buy some new grille fasteners because each lower window only had two clips when there were supposed to be four. So new fasteners all around since the last painting crew decided to sloppily paint the fasteners too.


Once the paint cans were moved out, it was time for me to move the furniture all around as if I hadn’t tried the table without the leaf before.


Ultimately the furniture stayed in its previous spot because it made sense before and continues to make sense for the room.  Sometimes you never know. For example, the artwork that was in the room before didn’t make sense now. So we spent a good amount of time running around the house holding up artwork and trying not to scratch any of the walls. DSC_0478


And then the new-to-this room curtains went up.  These are the shades that were previously in the bedroom here.


Can I admit that I don’t think any of these photos do the room justice? It’s so pretty now. I just stand in the doorway and stare.  I caught myself wasting too much time doing this when I saw the same jogger pass by two days in the row.  And I wonder how I haven’t had any time to do laundry lately….



And now it’s time for a look back.  We have lived through three stages of this room. There was the way-before us photo when the house was lived in by a family with three kids.

Dining Room Light Chandelier Project

Previous Owner’s Room

Then there was our “we’ll just replace the light fixture and live with it” renovation that got us through the first three years in the house.

Dining Room Light Chandelier Project

And then we have the today (hooray!) finish photo.


To recap, finishes are:

  • Walls: Benjamin Moore – November Rain
  • Trim: Olympic – Heirloom Lace
  • Light Fixture – Quiozel via Horchow
  • Dining Room Table and Buffet – Cabria by Crate and Barrel
  • Dining Room Chairs – Napoleon by Pottery Barn
  • Curtains – Pottery Barn 

Tell me, what projects are you working on these days?  

6 thoughts on “Ding Dong The Dining Room is Done

  1. Amanda S. says:

    So pretty! I love looking through your reno photos — the front door painted blue is gorgeous too! You’re making me wish I had taken the time to stop and post more before and after photos in our house 🙂


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