It’s the Final Countdown

There are only four days until Christmas.  Or three if you count that the family party begins on Christmas Eve. How did so much time pass since Thanksgiving already? I didn’t even have a chance to send Christmas cards. Or buy Christmas cards.

We toned down the decorating this year after agreeing that every artifact that has been gifted or passed down to us did not have to be on display.  We put out the pieces that we liked, mostly because they meant something to us, and ended up with an earthy, days of Christmas past theme. There is nothing modern going on here.



The house has its share of pinecones.  Either glistening with gold spray paint (done here).


Or placed on the mantel with care.



We put the Christmas tree in the family room like we did our first year in this house where it can be seen from the main road through the large front window. This year’s ornaments are red and gold.  They were the same ornaments bought for the staircase decorating (here).


One of the mini trees is back in the porch again where it shines to the driveway and the other tree is on the front steps.


Until this year, we had never decorated the dining room.  Howard had a playful hand at adding some of the spare decorations to the windows.



For the dining table, I added some holly from the yard.



On the coffee table, I transitioned the Thanksgiving cranberries to Christmas by adding some pinecones and cinnamon sticks.


As promised, there is nothing fancy going on here.  But it feels like home.

Happy Holidays!

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