Bye Bye Green Beams

It’s been a long time since I first contemplated changing the green beams in the living room (here).


One of the first things I noticed when we visited this house were those green beams.  They jumped out like hey, check me out, you want to paint me right? DSC_0061

I always felt like the beams made the low ceilings feel even lower.  And then I stopped noticing them. I was almost ready to surrender to the green trim in the living room. After all, I think we made it work with what we  had.


But it was the last room to be painted in the house (with the exception of the basement which is a another project in itself for an entirely different month).  And the walls in this room really, really, needed to be painted. So we cleared everything out.  It all moved next door to the dining room.  After completing the dining room project (here) we still haven’t used this room. Not even once.  So I’m okay with it holding all our crapola for the moment.



The first step was to caulk and prime. Since I am short, and scared of ladders, Howard took on the ceiling to start. Okay, that scared of ladders part is not true at all.  But sometimes two of us working in the same room is too much. This was a one man job.


I think I squealed when the primer started to go on. I thought I’d be  happy but there was a little bit of remorse. Let’s face it, this room had some character!


When the priming was done I fell in love with the white washed look.  These beams looked like they drifted up on shore.


But Howard slapped me out of my dream and carried on with the painting. He added two coats of white ceiling paint.  I think we were both dizzy from the fumes when this first task was done.


We also finished the first coat of wall paint. To my dismay, the walls will need two coats of paint even though we aren’t really changing the color by much.  The plan is to keep living with the green trim until we replace the windows. Hopefully, this is soon. But no promises.


I’ll be back with an update on the walls.  We painted until well after dark so the photos are useless.

Be honest, did we make a mistake by painting the beams?  Our long term vision is contemplating using the final window trim color for a more polished look.

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