The (Almost Finished) Living Room

In record time we finished the living room painting.  Honestly two weekends was not record time, but compared to our dining room project (here), this project went much faster.  The reason this room took less time was because we left the green window trim for now. After experiencing a coat of primer and three coats of paint on the dining room windows we decided to leave these windows alone until they are replaced.  The green beams (here) are no long green though.


We painted the walls in Olympic’s Heirloom Lace like the rest of the hallways.  This seemed like an easy choice for now. Eventually we might consider using Benjamin Moore’s November Rain (here) for this room once the trim is white.  Going back to Olympic paint was an experience after using Benjamin Moore for the past couple of years.  Olympic seemed runny and thin to start but thickened up in the pan pretty fast.  Benjamin Moore paint is a far superior choice but it does cost twice as much.


Putting everything back in the room was a fun opportunity to purge what we didn’t need and scale back on the brass animal figurines.  Instead of putting everything back in its original place we did make some modest changes.  Although I know it really looks about the same.




The old spray painted sconces (here) were replaced with some new Kichler torches.  We bought these in shadow bronze and I thought they would be significantly lighter.  They looks almost as dark as oil rubbed bronze.


We did not want to go with brushed nickel since the art that has yet to be hung primarily has gold frames.  Despite my disappointment with the finish, they are still better than the previous light fixtures.


We’ll be hanging the artwork soon and promise to come back with the final photos.

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