One Kings Lane Chair Finder

I’m very excited to share with you a sneak peek at One Kings Lane’s new chair finder tool! One Kings Lane recently contacted me and asked me to try our their new chair finder tool (here).


I can honestly admit to liking most styles of chairs. Chairs are like shoes in my opinion, only heavier to move and varying more in price. They are an accessory that can easily be swapped out and given a new life in a new home. They can be fancy or relaxed and you can dress them up or down with a pillow or throw blanket.  Or you can give them a new life in a new room if you are like me and move furniture around for fun in your spare time!

The One Kings Lane chair finder tool is straight forward allowing you to follow a flow chair to determine you style.


My first attempt at finding my chair style led to me to the Rustic Chair. Which is pretty funny because their current example of a rustic chair is what they have coined the “New England Chair.”  These two chairs fit our traditional cape house perfectly!


Jeannette Tufted Chair at One Kings Lane


Davis Armless Club Chair at One Kings Lane

My second path of choice led me to the Quirky Chair.


Parsons Slipper Chairs at One Kings Lane


The Suzy Chair at One Kings Lane

Again, my path led to me two neutral colored armless chairs.  We already have two neutral armless chairs like this one (and Mishu’s chair here). This chair finder is definitely spot on!


The best thing about the chair finder (here) is that the available chairs change daily.  So if you are hunting for a new chair, you can keep checking what is available in your preferred style.

Check it out!  And then tell me, what is your chair style?

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