The Gurgling Cod & Missing Summer

With twelve inches of snow in the forecast for this afternoon into tonight. It’s easy to miss the summer.  It helps knowing that our Cape house is freezing cold and is not somewhere I’d want to be right now. We visited the house over the weekend. You know, to make sure it was still standing.  And it is.


I quickly ran around in  my  socks inside the house before my feet froze to the floors and snapped some photos with my smartphone.



I also dropped off my new gurgling cod.  I found this at Christmas Tree Shop last weekend after stopping in for some new candles. Typically I avoid knock-offs.  I remember my sister telling me that if you can afford the real thing then don’t buy the fake.  But I could not resist this navy fish that cost only 10 percent of the original!


Christmas Tree Shop is selling them in red, yellow, and blue in two sizes if you interested. Alas, there were no white ones to be found. They don’t look exactly like the real pitcher but then again, I don’t need the real one.

Everything is just as we left it. Even the dishes in the drying rack are just as they were when we closed up the house for the winter.  I can tell that when summer comes it is going to be all too easy to slip back into that summer routine.

Tell me, are you counting down the days too?

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