The Tale of Two Mirrors

Once upon a time there was a gold mirror that could not find a place to call home.


The lady of the house asked her husband numerous times if she could paint his mirror and give it a new life.  The mean husband always declared this was a stupid idea. Until one day. That day the husband awoke and suggested “you can paint this mirror if you want”  as if it was a new idea that had just come to mind.


The guest room has need a mirror over the bureau but I was set on finding a used mirror at an estate sale and not buying something new.  When I was given the green light to paint the gold mirror that was previously in the living room (here) I grabbed a few pastel paint samples from the basement and mixed them into a green-blue-grey.


Then with a foam brush I applied the paint directly to the mirror frame after taping the mirror and giving it a good once over with the vacuum attachment to remove any dust.  I didn’t waste any time priming because I was not going for a perfect finish.  I wanted this mirror to look aged or distressed.


I did apply two coats of paint but used the foam brush to wipe off any excess to allow t the details of the mirror through.


Once dry, the mirror found its new home in the upstairs guest bedroom.


The guest room has had a few changes since it was last seen around the time of the headboard project (here).


I abandoned the idea of making curtains to match the headboard. And that was after I splurged on another couple yards fabric.  Instead I moved the old curtains from the dining room (before this redo) into the room.  We also purchased a new used dresser set on craigslist. It’s a Stanley Furniture set like our master bedroom set.  The nightstand was brought down to the Cape house for use in the guest room there.

And they lived happily ever after.

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