Updating Photos

When I got my new Nikon for Christmas a couple of years ago (here) I had big plans to update all the house photos. And it has taken me until now to start that process.


I’m still learning how to use the camera and learning that different times of the day brings different light into the rooms.  If I don’t catch that magical hour of natural sunlight then my photos suffer and often look yellowed. If I was a better photographer, or had some crazy lighting setup like some of the bloggers have, that would solve the problem.  But hey, this is not my day job.



I have added some photos to the ‘House Photos’ tab at the top of the page. Now there is a lot going on in that folder so I should plan to clean it out but there memories there.





I also added a new tab for the Cape House – although I admit that needs a ton of work. I am actually shocked that I didn’t take the time to document the house at the end of the summer.  I guess I was too busy spending my time lounging on the beach. 

Admittedly, I have not learned how to use Photoshop for the blog even though Howard bought me a copy.  It’s so hard, right?

On another note, Delta Faucet mentioned us on their Inspired Home Page (here).


I didn’t realize Delta has such a great website so be sure to check them out!

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