An Update on Projects

For the first time since we have bought the house we have no projects underway. Amazing.

We’ve started investigating/daydreaming about a few things including:

  • New floors in the basement
  • New windows
  • New family room furniture

Eventually we’d like to install basement built-ins and put engineered hardwood or laminate wood flooring down there. This idea has been kicked around for a long time (here).


via pinterest


via pinterest

Currently it’s carpeted and the walls have  a suede paint  finish that looks a little funky.


But putting down a new sub-floor on the concrete and installing a new floor is a major cost investment for a room that’s only used for the treadmill.

We’ve also gotten a window quote.  We really should replace the windows. But talk about expensive. With all of the large custom windows on the first floor we aren’t sure we’ll ever see the money back in heat savings. The current thinking is that we might replace the windows upstairs in the three bedrooms since these seem the most drafty.

The last idea, is to put some money into the family room. This is the room where we spend all of our time. It is something we put off when we decided to buy the Cape House (here).


The room currently has my favorite couch from my single years in Boston and it’s paired with Howard’s rug from his bachelor days.  It works.  It’s sentimental. The Rowe sofa has held up really well (even after I machine washed the cushion covers) but the color is starting to fade a bit and the rug has never been my taste.  It would be nice to have a room that we picked out together that was meant to go together. And a couch that has more room for Howard.  I am the couch hog in the family.


I’m looking for something with cleaner lines and with a lower profile that won’t eat up the room. I’m pretty picky about the fabric, comfort, cushions being reversible for even wear, being made in America, etc. Then add in the space constraints and our options seem limited.

Since, we don’t have the space for a full size sectional another idea is to have two love seats or smaller apartment sized couches. Then we could rotate these to frame the fireplace and open the space up to the kitchen when entertaining.

Option2And if finding the perfect couch hasn’t proven difficult enough, finding a new rug has been even more challenging.  Howard likes the traditional Persian style rugs while I tend to like trendier patterns. It has to be wool and it has to be 8 feet by 10 feet. We agreed on this rug from Pottery Barn sight unseen but I can’t bring myself to buy it full price especially with shipping costing over $100. Eeek.

In the meantime, we might need another smaller project to keep us busy.  Any ideas? I’m sure there are ten things I started but never finished along the way!

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