Spring is Here

Yippee!  Spring is here and we finally saw some blue sky over the weekend. It’s been a very cold and long winter in New England.  At this point I’d rather have a day of mulching than being stuck indoors (did I really say that?).

To celebrate the season, we bought a new toy.


We had no intention of buying a power washer but then found ourselves at Lowe’s staring at this compact little guy by Greenworks. It’s primary appeal is that it’s electric and doesn’t take up too much space.  The second thing this power washer has going for it is a ton of good reviews online which we quickly checked on our gadgets before heading to the checkout.  This was just what we needed to wash off the filth that has accumulated in the two years since we stained the house.


The washer has a bottle attachment for solution but we found that our old pump sprayer was easier to use (i.e. doesn’t dump solution all over the user). We gave the house a little treatment, waited 3 minutes or so and then sprayed. 

With this washer you do have to get up and close with your work because it’s not as powerful as other sprayers like the one we borrowed from my Dad here. But it works.


We tried out the washer on our composite deck too. It was great at getting off the fuzzy moss between the cracks but we will need to use a solution to really clean the surface before summer.


The washer was most successful in cleaning off the green stuff on the railings. Usually I have to get out a sponge and soapy water to wash these railings in the spring. This was much easier.


We also used a little simple green and the power washer to clean the Sunbrella fabric umbrella on the porch. This umbrella had some black mold stains that cleaned right up with the washer (or the soap).


The washer was also successful in cleaning off the brick walkway but didn’t fare as well in cleaning up the granite steps in front of the house.


Overall, we really like our new toy and the fact that we can toss it in the car to bring to the Cape with us this summer to clean the other house.  But, if we had a big storage shed, a really tall house, or the need to get everything sparkling clean, we would choice another power washer.

Have you started spring cleaning at your house yet?  Or is it warm and sunny there all year long? If so, I’m almost jealous.

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