Behind on Everything

The blog has most definitely been on the back burner this year. But you know that already. I’ve had a busy schedule and not much time for projects at home. We continue to make headway with small odds and ends but nothing seems glamorous enough or messy enough to post!

We had a really cold winter and with that we grew sympathetic to the deer that visit us. But now it’s war again. These bushes should be covered in flowers.  But they are twigs. And the deer ticks are an obvious sign that our cute little friends have to go!


I’m trying something new, in addition to the five kinds of stinky deer spray HHH (headless husband Howard) sprayed.  This includes wrapping fishing line around the plants. Apparently deer are confused by fishing line.  And you can’t even see it! I have visions of deer choking on the fishing line and am hopeful it doesn’t come to that.


The garden is just starting to bud, and our grass is overgrown since our mower is on the Cape and we haven’t made arrangements for someone to take care of it this year.  So overall there hasn’t been any need for Friday Garden Update.

I suppose I could share the first of the spring planters.  We kept it simple this year.





There is more planting to do but we always like to do it in stages in case some freak weather comes our way.  And we still need to order our mulch.  That is always my favorite weekend of the year – haha, no not really.

Have you been planting or fighting deer?

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