Office Renovation – Part I

After our dining room renovation (here), I dedicated that I wanted to carry the November Rain theme upstairs to our office space. We hardly ever use the office but it’s a nice room with lots of light that is great for playing guitar if we should find the time.  Before we moved into the house this room was hot pink and we painted all of the rooms upstairs the same color to get in the door easy enough. Then we forgot about this space.


Before painting the room, HHH decided that we should replace the radiators. They were old and dented and pink paint splattered.  And under them hid years worth of dust in giant clingons that I never knew were possible. The first step in getting rid of the radiators was to let chaos ensue.


Then there was some measuring and cutting.



Followed by a little spray foam action to fill up any gaps between the floor boards and the wall.  The colorful stars that were hidden behind the old radiator covers stayed.  They are part of the house’s history of course!


And then the new radiator covers were installed.  They are taller than the old ones but look much better.


For now the room was put back together without any new paint.  You can see how the white desk does not work well with the Almond Paste wall color.

DSC_0451Part two will be paint, trim paint, some new window coverings, and possible a furniture rearrange. Stay tuned!

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