Cape Chairs

It’s been almost a year since we bought our vacation home on Cape Cod (here) and while we have a fully furnished house, there is always room for improvement. In our kitchen we’ve been using some chairs that were literally handed over the fence to us from our neighbors. They were destined for the swap shop but we agreed to give them a temporary home.  They are in bad shape and for a while we planned to refinish them.  Until my parents donated their used chairs from their Cape house. These chairs are much sturdier but they are blue.


Blue would be fine except they clash with our kitchen walls and so we needed to paint the kitchen or the chairs.


And the chairs lost.


We spent an afternoon sanding the chairs and then taping up all of the rungs.  I decided that since the seats are in good condition we would keep the wood grain so we don’t end up with too much white furniture.


Then it was time for primer.  It took about two hours to prime all four chairs with help from HHH.


After sanding and priming, I was in no mood to paint the chairs the next day. And after seeing the white with the dark wood seats I’m not convinced this is the  look I am going for. What do you think?


So this project will have to wait for another sunny weekend to be finished. Once the chairs are done, we plan to build a seating bench for the kitchen also to save space. More on that another day.


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