The Light Room

We call the first room when you walk into our Cape house the “light room.”  This is a tiny room and has a dozen recessed and accent lights. The room has at least three light switches, maybe more. And I still don’t know how to use the lights.


One of the challenges with the light room has been what to use for furniture in the space.  The front door opens up into the middle of the room and the footprint is not big enough to root a couch or chairs in the middle.


Over the weekend I moved a bench to a wall that I never thought should have furniture. And it worked. Really, this should have a console table and not a bench, but it works for the photo shoot.


And then I realized that our little drop-leaf table that was passed over the fence from our neighbors, could actually fill up the space better with the leaves extended.



I like having a second table in the summer because the kitchen gets so hot in the morning when the sunlight is coming directly through the windows and I’m trying to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. This room doesn’t get as much natural light (maybe that’s why the last owner install a gazillion lights).  And it is great for puzzles!

As the weekend came to a close and we moved in the chairs that HHH gave a first coat of paint to, I realized that the chairs would be a perfect match for the light room table.  Last week I wasn’t sure if I liked keeping the seats a darker wood (here) but now I think they match quite nicely.

Minus the blue painters tape of course.


Longer term, I think we would like to find some chairs to fill the space and make it more of a game and conversation area.


And we’ll remove the frosted glass cabinet doors that I have almost grown to like.


In the meantime we can wait until we see some chairs that strike our fancy. And maybe take advantage of the open space for a late night dance party!

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