Pillow Planning

We have a staycation coming up and one of the things on my list is to cover the pillows on the couch.  The couch came with four throw pillows that are the exact same fabric as the couch.  I was planning to buy covers for them but: 1. haven’t found any covers that I really like; and 2. any covers I kind-of-like are upwards of $100 each.


So, for weekends I have been hoarding yards of fabric in my shopping cart at fabric.com.  Headless Husband Howard (HHH) has had an opinion on what he likes and those he doesn’t like. And of course our ideas are different.  I like the ikat prints that take the space a little bit away from the nautical theme that is everywhere. Howard likes the more traditional prints.

cameron ikat howardschoice khandar likeadiamond

I have no intentions of using ‘lobstahs’ on our sofas. They were just too cute to resist and I might buy a yard for a throw pillow in the bedroom.


I took each of the fabric names and googled them with the word pillow added to the search. This gave me the opportunity to see the fabric used as a pillow and helped me understand the scale of the print better than the ruler provided. And then I could layer each of the pillows with our existing starfish pillows from Pottery Barn.

It was then obvious which ones were the losers…


The maybes…


And my favorite which HHH has declared as ugly…


When searching for my favorite ikat print, I found another pillow that I think I like even better via Etsy.


I’ll have to check with HHH, but we might have a winner!

Photo credits: All fabric photos are from fabric.com and all pillows are from etsy except for the starfish pillow from pottery barn. 

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