Kitchen Nook

I have always wanted a window bench. Who doesn’t love those cozy corners where you can curl up with a book?  Only, I don’t actually sit still long enough to read a book.  So, I’ve been dreaming of a kitchen window bench since we bought the Cape House.


The kitchen currently has a rectangular table that we bought unfinished at the Mill Store and finished in Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White.  Here’s a shot of it drying last year – unfortunately I don’t seem to a photo of it on the floor!


Since there is a heat register in the floor kitchen here, Headless Husband Howard (HHH) has been reluctant to build anything that provides additional storage like these shots I hoarded on pinterest.

unknown source via pinterest

unknown source via pinterest




Having a storage bench would have been ideal, but at the same time I’ve learned that more storage means more stuff.  And one thing we love about the Cape House is that it is simple. So we have come up with the idea of having a bench with legs but a finished end so it looks like a storage bench when you walk in the room.

unknown via pinterest

unknown via pinterest

better homes and garden

better homes and garden

We are thinking of a beveled edge on the bench with a shaker detail on the ends.  And our shade of white has already been decided thanks to the table decision.  I originally thought that I would make a bench cushion in some fun fabric but have decided that some throw pillows in the corner might be more practical.

If you’ve ever built a bench, please let me know if you have any tips to share! I can’t wait to kick my heels up with a cup of coffee!

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