Let the Nook Begin

We accomplished a few things on the to-do list over vacation week.  Like putting a fourth coat of paint on the kitchen chairs that we started here. And we started the window bench that I talked about here.


I borrowed a bench from our other house last year to see if I’d actually use a bench in the kitchen and found that it’s my preferred spot.


Working on a Cape project isn’t the easiest because it means we need to plan ahead with tools and lumber but Headless Husband Howard (HHH) was up for the challenge as usual.


The first step was finding the studs in the wall and setting a brace along the perimeter. HHH actually made me work a bit even though I was obviously dressed to head out the door on a morning run.


We plan on setting the bench slightly lower than the standard 18 inches because I’m short and my feet never touch the ground.


As much as I wanted to sketch out the project in advance, we found it was easiest to plan it as we went.


Once the bench was framed, HHH added some temporary supports in the front so we could test the height and depth. Figuring out what the depth should be was the hardest thing.  I read around 22 inches was standard and anything less than 20 inches wouldn’t work.  We ended up around 22 inches from the wall but the window sills eat into that space.  When we add the top and trim the bench will likely be closer to 23.5 inches in depth.


After adding a temporary top I jumped on the opportunity to test out my new coffee drinking nook.


It was immediately obvious that I’ll need a pillow or two in the corner.


Speaking of pillows, the pillow project I talked about here has begun but I didn’t end up sewing a thing over the week.


It was partially due to laziness but more about needing even more fabric. I’ll have to post more about that later.

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