Let’s Talk About Mulch Baby

The best thing about mulch day is when it’s over!  Our first day of stay-cation started with six yards of dark organic mulch.


The Friday night preceding the spread was spent trimming all of the hedges and raking up the mess that ensued.



Compared to spreading mulch, I find hedge trimming to be fun. It’s almost an art to make the boxwood hedges shaped like gum drops.


Now back to the mulch.


Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow ensued. And we were left with an extra yard. We started out with seven yards here and then went down to six yards here and then fought about six or seven here. It seems next year we can reduce the load to five yards. Hooray!


It’s always so satisfying to see the mulch spread before the trees decide to drop leaves and the wind blows.




The hydrangea bed is the only consistent before and after shot I got.



Thank goodness that is over and I can be stuck with a new version of Salt ‘n’ Pepper’s “Let’s Talk About Mulch Baby” in my head for the day.

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